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10th June
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Carrie Jones’ Need revolves around a teenage girl named Zara who is moving from warm North Carolina to chilly Maine. That description sounds similar to Twilight’s Bella who moved from Phoenix, Arizona, to Forks, Washington, but the similarity ends there. Zara’s stepfather, the only father she’s ever known has just died of a heart attack, and Zara witnessed it. Zara’s mother is concerned about her daughter’s depression and so sends her to stay with her Step-grandmother in Maine. Zara keeps seeing an eerie figure staring at her, in the airport in Charleston, and after she arrives in Maine. He’s a pixie king, he’s evil, and he’s after her. The friends that Zara makes, and the romance she forms with the mysteriously overprotective ‘hero’ Nick Colt are very well done. This is a well-paced thriller. I do have one concern however: I felt that the issue of rape/coerced sex was poorly dealt with by the author and brushed off without any real concern for the handling of the issue. The ‘rape’ happened in the past so it is not described in the book, but there is definitely a suggestion that it occurred.

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