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30th June
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I thought I would do a series of reviews of toddler S.T.E.A.M. subscription kits since so many parents are in a position where they have to fill in for their daycare providers — and still want to provide some enrichment, even during a pandemic.

Disclaimer: I have only reviewed kits that I was able to acquire in Canada, and solely kits for the 2-4 year old age range. so I’m sure there are more kits available.

My daughter explores the KiwiCo Koala Box:

Oceans Theme

  • Quality Wood and Fabric toys Including: (April) Fishing pole + fish with fabric bag, (May) Reusable Neighbourhood “Painting” that changes with water, (June) Wooden Doctor’s Kit with Fabric Bag
  • Thematic board book featuring the same characters every month – my quick review of these books: They are age-appropriate, well-drawn, and take the themes of the kit into a story that my daughter is happy to read again and again.
  • Some kits came with an extra project (like the art featured above)
  • Comes with an adult guide to help the parent follow along and support learning.
  • For the parents: YES your child can enjoy these toys without you holding their hands for the entire time. This is an excellent way to engage your child while you get work done.

I would absolutely recommend the KiwiCo kit to other toddler parents.

KiwiCo’s boxes have high-quality materials that have been thoughtfully curated around a theme. The months that we have received so far have been: Oceans, Neighbourhood, and Doctor’s Visit